What is SEO?


What is Seo? SEO does is a comprehensive and effective use of search engines to Internet marketing and promotion. SEO pursuit of the highest cost, with minimal investment, was the largest of traffic from search engines and generate business value.

What is Seo? SEO can be carried out in search engines maintenance of the brand, the brand of negative content as little as possible in the search members before presenting, on the network can prevent competitors malicious framed. While making a positive and promotion of business content, and thus achieve branding goals.


What is SEO?

What is Seo? SEO widely used worldwide and the rapid start in China, whether SEO, SEM or the Internet are focused on new markets. I have always believed that our future is bright, as long as the search engine because of our values will be infinitely high. Survey shows that currently in Europe and other developed countries, SEM has become a very popular corporate external marketing tool. They are used in the Internet hierarchical market, create brand identity, strengthen brand trust, and further allow consumers to participate in activities and purchase their products.
The world’s largest search engine Google every day a staggering 200 million passengers in the search engine of its volume, and also with the development of the Internet and big-like. Since the beginning of 2004 as a new form of network marketing into China, just three years with the rapid development of China’s Internet, SEM has also been a growing number of manufacturers, agents used, and become an important foreign marketing means.
For the major SEO forums are discussing, then SEM is rarely mentioned. This only shows that very few people in the SEM, since it is often with a lot of SEO techniques, basically their own websites, some companies are reluctant to join. Because there may have been included in a month could reach tens of thousands, which also resulted in one of the reasons why the SEM team very few.


What is SEM team

What is Seo? SEM team is a team deep in the interior of the major e-commerce companies, SEO → SEM → Market – → brand, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Chinese translated as search engine marketing, SEM is a new network marketing and promotion. SEM pursuit of the highest cost, with minimal investment, to achieve maximum search engine traffic and generate business value. SEM can be carried out maintenance of the brand in the search engine, the brand of negative content as little as possible in the search for members presented before, can prevent competitor in the online malicious framed. While making a positive and promotion of business content, and thus achieve branding goals.

The difference between SEO and SEM

What is Seo? SEO is part of part of SEM, and SEO and SEM are different main ultimate goal:
SEO mainly to keyword rankings, website traffic, site structure, search engine pages indexed databases.
SEM SEO techniques by extending the basis for the commercial value of the search engine brings, network planning and effective marketing solutions, including a range of sites operating strategy analysis and implementation, marketing effectiveness testing.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in foreign trade website application
search engine application in the foreign trade website is also very useful. At present, the view has been Fujian Ronghua Network Technology Co. Mr. Lin Ronghua first to put forward in the next marketing the new model, SEM plays an important role. in addition to search engine marketing PPC, you can also use other better ways to achieve in the next few years, the application of this technology will be more widely.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Process

What is Seo? Business Analysis: To clear the site to what commercial purposes. For example: sell a product or provide a service.
Market Research: To find out how people find the site. Including common keyword investigation, excavation has not been cost-conscious competitors keywords, investigate what competitors are doing, what should we do search engine advertising, which sites are most worth fighting for links to this site.
SEO: This step premise is to find keywords. Optimized for very few people looking for keywords complete waste of time. With the right keywords, you can URL of the page, TITLE, META tags, title text, body content, ALT tags, link optimization. For those with a frame, FLASH animation, using data library database dynamically created the page on a site need to do further work.
Link implementation strategy: Many search engines based on its importance to your site to determine the importance of your site. Although the number of these sites, the better, but the quality is more important.Implement policies to ensure that the link to your site in the depth of the Internet to the Internet.
Send to a search engine: The site has been optimized, you can submit to the search engines. There are thousands of search engines, in which only a small part is really important. These search engines provide search results to other search engines, portals, company websites, the key is to have a good ranking on these search engines. Although some of these search engines allow the software to automatically submit a new site, but in a growing number of cases, be possible to send hand-fed to ensure success. All major directory requires meticulous hand-fed.
Search Engine fee-based services: search engines are increasingly introduced into paid inclusion, paid placement, click-through fee business model. Without these fee-based services will make you lose half of the viewers. The advantage of these fee-based services is the result of clear, effective quickly. Free indexed search engines usually take 6-10 weeks, according to the directory of your choice a different category may take six months or more time.
Search engine marketing management: tracking the target keyword rankings, based on historical analysis server from which visitors in search engines, which use keywords, adjust page code and content, calculate the ROI of advertising click-through fees, evaluate its good and bad effects. Never actually results in fierce competition. If you see your competitors rank well, they will not let this state be maintained.SEM team building.

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