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Tips To Monetize Your App And Get The Maximum Out Of It!

You finally achieved it – you developed a fantastic mobile app for your online venture.

Now, your users can interact with you, and the information you’re getting from your app is aiding you thinking of all possibilities to market your brand but you can do more with your app: monetize.

You heard it right. Your app can behave as a major source of income for your business.


Email Lists

Using an email technique is a wonderful way of making money by engaging your customers on your platform.

As per a research by Wise lyrics, Facebook’s post and tweets last for only a few hours while Emails lasts for a minimum of 12 days. The best way to get email addresses from customers is adding a subscription form while getting your app developed by any iPhone, Windows or Android App Development Company.

You might be aware or at least have an idea that people hardly change their email addresses, making email marketing campaign an easy way to reach out to a maximum number of users. Sending regular emails to your customers means that you are updating them with your new products and services and who knows which product gets liked and purchased and when!



How many of you have heard of including ads in your apps for monetization? If not then you are missing out on a phenomenal fortuity.

Digital advertising has seen a dramatic change since mobile apps have introduced. It has improved the communication between users and advertisers because an average person spends at least twenty-three days a year on the phone. What does this suggest to you?

Usually, people don’t like paying for the apps they are spending their time on and go for the products that are cheaper alternatives. So, if you are advertising apps, products or services that are cheaper, be sure they are being sold unknowingly from your apps, but you’re getting every penny of your commission.

What type of ads you can have on your app?

  • Interstitial – These ads are mostly put at natural pause points as these aren’t interfering the experience of using your app instead these are more likely to generate clicks.

  • Notification ads – These ads usually pop up in the mobile device’s status bar. It’s advisable that don’t use these apps as customers don’t love them.

  • Capture form – You’ll mostly find these kinds of ads in mobile games as they offer incentives like token, points or coins to the users, provided they enter their email addresses.

  • Advanced overlay – Theses ads are somewhat the mixture of full-screen ads and capture forms and are very much interactive than a normal clickable ad.

  • Banner ads – You’ll find these kinds of ads on the bottom or top of the screen, but they’re also distracting, which is not a good thing for your users. So, avoid using this one as well.

According to the search performed by Gartner, mobile advertising is brooding to reach $18 billion annually. Depending on your current reputation of the app, the advertisers you choose could pay an amount to host their ads. Choose wisely with the help of Android App Development Services while keeping your app safe and user-friendly!

Sponsors and Partnerships

A partnership with another brand can significantly benefit your app business, particularly if you created an integrated experience. For ex: when Optimizely and Localytics merged to deliver mobile analytics together.

Just imagine- if a users who see your brand on another app and finds out some interactive elements, it could potentially convince them to get your app for future use. It is possible only if you have partnered with another provider. There are cases where people have increased their app download rate by 12% and who knows you can do better.

So, be open to the idea of sharing and hosting advertisement based on partnership.

In-App Purchases

If you are offering your apps totally free, it doesn’t restrict you to add paid products when you Hire Android App Developer. It means tempting users to spend money and ultimately benefit you. Some users may not like purchasing the apps but would love spending money on buying quality and valuable products offered by the apps.

You can confer users with an opportunity to purchase the products directly from the app or if you’re into services, have them opt for in-app billing.

Free/Premium Versions

Creating a completely separate and advanced version of your app is another way of generating profit for your business.

Selling out a free version of apps means giving your user the heads up on what you design is capable of doing. It’s more like a trailer, and once your users start liking it, they are persuaded automatically to get a premium version because everyone likes exploring and experimenting new doors of new opportunities and this will lead them to pay for the premium version.

Note: If users are paying for a premium version of your app, it is your responsibility to make it worth each of their penny otherwise, you’ll get stuck with only few app downloads.

Creating Strong Code

If you develop a code that has the capability of getting successful, other brands are sure to approach you and offer to reskin your app, which means you can make more money without disrupting your users’ experiences.

Once your business has gotten a brilliant response from users, you can sell your framework to other developers to create their app. But keep in mind the app’s endgame while sharing the code.


We hope, now you must be aware of the benefits of creating an app. Not only it helps you branding but also helps you fetch a lot of money for your business. So, take benefits of your app by using the above strategies and monetize your app as soon as possible because while you are reading this blog, many have already implemented this idea.

Good luck and please do share your comments if you have some other ways to monetize your app or if you are doing good by using any of these strategies.

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