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Swarovski Outlet and Swarovski Crystal Beads

Swarovski Outlet and Swarovski Crystal Beads is the Austrian production and processing of low-lead crystal glass handicraft manufacturer, headquartered in Austria Wattens. Swarovski has two main business scope; one is based on the production of fine crystal containing elements, fashion design, and high-end optical instruments artificial crystal (Kristall) product; one is based on the production of bonding abrasives, saw blades and drilling units Tools and machines for Tyrolit products.

Swarovski Outlet and Swarovski Crystal Beads

Founder Daniel Swarovski (Daniel Swarovski, 1862 Nian 10 24 – 23 January 1956), formerly known as the History of History Daniel Watts (Daniel Swartz) was born in Bohemia (now the Czech Republic ). His father was a glass cutter, glass and running a small business. Young Swarovski is here from one apprentice to become artificial crystal cutting process industry professionals. In 1892, he invented a cutting-containing lead glass the electric machine for cutting and polishing crystal obtained a patent.
In 1895, with Armand Kosman and Franz Weis, Swarovski was founded. The company was originally named A. Kosman, Daniel Swartz & Co.’s, after being referred to as KS & of Co. Companies use Austria Tyrol Wattens hydroelectric resources; we established a crystal cutting factory, high energy consumption of the grinding process of copyright.
The founder’s great-granddaughter, Nadja Swarovski, is now a member of the Executive Committee of Swarovski.

Swarovski Outlet and Swarovski Crystal Beads , including artificial crystal statues and animal ornaments and so on
Swarovski Crystal product line includes artificial crystal glass animal statues and ornaments, jewelry and advanced custom clothing, home decor and lighting. Swarovski is famous for small animal ornaments, while these small animal ornaments to attract a group of faithful, long-term collection of artificial crystal products collectors and enthusiasts.
All of Swarovski’s statues are marked by Swarovski. Swarovski is the first sign of Edelweiss, then switch to SAL -letter symbol. Since 1988, Swan logo replaces the SAL and has been used now.
To make the artificial crystal glass light refraction into the rainbow spectrum, Swarovski with its development of special metal chemical coating products on the artificial crystal glass coating. For example, white color or AB “, which enables the coating of the surface of the rainbow spectrum of the company for some other coated products were named color perspective, volcanoes, splendid gold, and gold.  Also, the coating process (AB) 2X and Dorado (Dorado) can be used to coat only a portion of the coated product, and other coated portions can be subjected to repeated coating treatments. ) 2X and so on Swarovski Outlet and Swarovski Crystal Beads
In 2004, Swarovski issued a copyrighted product to fine-cut a perfect scintillation effect of man-made crystals: XILION Rose and XILION Chaton, which was cut by masonry.
The Swarovski Outlet and Swarovski Crystal Beads Group includes Tyrolit Industries, which produces abrasives and grinding tools, Swareflex Safety Signs Company (for the production of illuminated road signage and indicator system reflectors), and Signe too (Dignity) company (crafted in natural and artificial gems) and Swarovski Otto ticks (Swarovski Optik) optical instruments (research and manufacture of binoculars, light and other optical instruments
Swarovski is also involved in the development of liquid perfume and solid fragrance products.
Swarovski company at its headquarters in Wattens (near Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria ) organized a crystal-themed “Crystal Worlds” (Swarovski Outlet and Swarovski Crystal Beads) Museum. The museum is a positive shape is covered with giant turf head, the giant’s mouth is a fountain mouth, waterfall spilled from its mouth. The giant’s belly is the Crystal World Museum about crystal elements and crystals that evoke people’s emotions and inspire human inspiration. Swarovski Outlet and Swarovski Crystal Beads, Unfortunately, the Museum of the famous product design, production, and completion of the process is not explained.
Recently in Asia fashion jewelry and accessories Expo, Swarovski exhibited a continuously broken light through the crystal glass for the concept of crystal element works.


Swarovski Outlet and Swarovski Crystal Beads

Crystal World Center
Swarovski Outlet and Swarovski Crystal Beads
The production of crystal processing elements of animals and statues, jewelry and fashion apparel
Swarovski. Ortiz
Research and production of high-quality optical instruments
Swarovski Studios
Fashion and jewelry design, Victor Huo Siting (Viktor Horsting) and Rolf Si Nolan (Rolf Snoeren) design of the 2014 autumn series
Swarovski Crystal Palace
Design and production of avant-garde lamps (chandeliers)
Swarovski professionals
Production and processing of Swarovski crystal element products
Swarovski Outlet and Swarovski Crystal Beads
Including exhibition halls, art galleries, and entertainment venues
Swarovski gem business
Gem design
Swarovski lighting business
For the construction industry to provide artificial crystal lighting
Teli Lai Industrial Group
Adhesive abrasives and cutting wheels
Schwarz Flex
Manufacturing safety signs special products
Schoenberg can be
Crystal chandeliers manufacturing
Crystal standard test
Swarovski direct sales department of finished jewelry testing
Swarovski Entertainment Center
And film and television industry cooperation
Dynamic Crystal series
In 2007, Swarovski and electronics industry giant Philips co-created the “City of Crystal” consumer electronics products. This series includes six USB flash drive and four-ear headphones, as well as the 2008 Bluetooth wireless headset brand products; all these products are Swarovski crystal elements embellishment.
Statues and collections
Early to create the crystal mouse statue is a unique collection of valuable Swarovski works. It is still the smallest version of the crystal mouse released this statue, also known as “mouse.” The company also produces a large number of products like this ladybug and limited edition Disney statue.
In 2009, the Royal Canadian Mint issued a silver coin collection also covers some of the Swarovski crystal elements.
November 2014, Victoria’s Secret revealed the information they re-designed in the Italian luxury perfume bottles. Swarovski crystal elements embellished the delicate angel wings on perfume bottles. The $ 250 bottle of perfume is packaged in a gold-plated white lacquer box.
Cooperation and sponsorship
Since 2004, Rockefeller Center in New York (Manhattan business center) on the Christmas tree hanging Swarovski development and production of stars and snowflakes crystal string, the man-made crystal string is 9 inches (2.7 meters), heavy There are 550 pounds (250 kilograms). This is inspired by the crystal tree to embellish the Christmas tree since 1991, the annual retail, small jewelry.
Swarovski was released in 2004 and screened the movie ” Phantom of the Opera ” sponsor. The “vertical” light fixture is made up of Swarovski crystal elements. The window of the Swarovski store is now a visible version of the film. The difference is that now the swan logo in the movie which replaces the years Edelweiss flag.
In 2009, ” is this ” tour documentary, Michael Jackson worn and used in stage costumes studded with Swarovski crystal elements.

Swarovski Outlet and Swarovski Crystal Beads
In 2011, Swarovski Outlet and Swarovski Crystal Beads element were implanted in Jennifer Lopez ‘s propaganda documentary “on the floor,” the same Swarovski respectively Crown whiskey (Crown Royal Whisky) and BMW Group also mutually beneficial Cooperation. In 2012, Swarovski product again by Nelly Furtado made a screen advertising the “big basketball” musical.

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