Supermoon Pictures


60 years, the biggest Supermoon Pictures 14 coming soon! Bureau of Meteorology forecast, this full moon than the last, “the smallest full moon” full big 14%, plus the weather is fine, Taiwan has the opportunity to see the biggest full moon, from the 13th to the 15th in the evening three days, is the best time to celebrate! Next want to see such a large moon, have to wait 18 years.

60 years, the biggest super full Supermoon Pictures on the 14th night will debut! Taipei Xinyi downtown, a lot of people shopping at night, you can also take the opportunity to enjoy the full moon.

People: “more or less, when tomorrow will look, in the end, is not large.”

This year’s Supermoon Pictures particularly unusual because it is 1948 to 2033, 85 years in 1073 in the full moon, the moon close to the Earth again, is one of the largest in Taiwan over the past century to see the full moon, a full 14% larger than the smallest full moon of April this year, the best viewing time is on the 13th and 15th day of the three days, the next times to see such a big full moon, have to wait 18 years, that is 2034 of November 26.

Supermoon Pictures

Supermoon Pictures

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