What is SEO Concepts?


What is SEO Concepts? SEO is a process in which you try to maximize the number of visitors to a site by improving its performance in search results. SEO ensures that visitors will visit your site and you will get good earning. SEO involves many steps and processes. Seo is divided into two stages. First is on page SEO and the second is the off Page.

SEO Concepts


Keyword Research:

Always do a keyword research before starting a blog or website. This is the most important step in successful SEO. Find low competition, high search volume and low CPC keywords of your targeted niche. Starting blog without this step is like trying to start a car without fuel. Always try to find long tail keywords because they are easy to rank with Seo Concepts.

Keyword Research

Domain purchasing:

Try to find an expired domain of your niche. Always check the backlinks history of that domain before purchasing it. Check for any spamming and Chinese anchor texts. The domain should be way back machine cleared. But if you can’t find an expired domain don’t worry and buy a new domain. You can rank the new domain pretty quickly as well.

Domain purchasing

On page SEO:

There is a long onsite SEO checklist. It’s too much important. You have to put a long and comprehensive content on the homepage of your website. You should use your targeted keyword at least ten times in that article. After it, you have to deposit sitemap of your web on google. Then you have to write proper H1, H2, and H3 tags. You have to use good themes.

On Page SEO

Site Loading Time:

Another important issue in SEO is site loading time. There are many site loading testers available on the internet. You can check your site loading speed from these places. There are many ways to improve site loading time. However, it is not a much important factor, and you should give your time and concentration to other factors more.

Site Loading Time

Original Content:

This is one of the most important factors. You should always write original, informative and quality content. Remember one line ”quality content is king”. The best quality article of a lower authority site usually ranks higher than an average quality article of the larger site. Google gives a lot of value to high-quality content. And beware that if your site is caught using copied content, it will be banned. So always use original content and of high quality. Article must be 500 words and use your keyword at least 2-3 times in that article

Original Content

Off Page SEO:

As the name suggests, Off Page is not done directly on the site. In off page, the primary thing is to make backlinks. The more backlinks the site have the more value given to it by Google.

Off Page SEO

Backlinking strategy:

It was in past that you make 2000 spammy backlinks and your site is on the first page of google but now this practice is forbidden by Google, and the site which has spammy backlinks is banned by Google and is deindexed. So the main thing is to have quality backlinks from quality sites. Remember one thing ”quality beats quantity in backlinking”. Secondly give links to your site from your articles too which means do interlinking among articles on your site.

Backlinking strategy

. by improving its performance in search results. SEO ensures that visitors will visit your site and you will get good earning. SEO involves many steps and



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