Privacy Policy

Articles Based. is Technical Information to using the Web site ( time), to protect the privacy of personal information.This privacy statement applies between employees and customers or managed service signed all personal information, as well as specific information Articles Based Web site.

For legitimate purposes (such as law enforcement, investigation or other legal request) personal information data transmission is not covered in this privacy statement.


Forward transfer
only such organizations subject to appropriate data protection principles to transfer personal information to third parties. All Articles Based subsidiary companies will be bound by the current Privacy Policy and related guidelines. All Articles Based sub processors (such as suppliers, service providers, contractors, consultants or other agents) will provide services on behalf of Articles Based, will be bound by contractual obligations and deliver Articles Based provides the same level of security and privacy, and must You agree to comply with lawful directions Articles Based. Sub-processor may not use personal information for their own purposes, unless expressly authorized.

Articles Based will to customers and Web site visitors and staff commitment, the company has taken and continues to take appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal information and to protect such personal information from unauthorized or unlawful processing and accidental loss, destruction or damage, but

Articles Based will ensure that the appropriate level of security: (i) unauthorized or unlawful processing or accidental damage, destruction or damage to such personal information can result in damage; (ii) the nature of the personal information to be protected.

Articles Based shall take commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that employees granted access to such personal information has been subject to reasonable and appropriate training.
According to customer or employee reasonable request, SuccessFactors will need to meet the reasonable compliance

Providing such information and documentation SuccessFactors privacy statement. select

Unless the employment rights and responsibilities and performance needs SuccessFactor between employees, or applicable law requires or allows otherwise, an individual may be disclosed to the full extent individuals to opt out of data collection and onward forwarding in the collection of data to a third party . Employees are responsible for the proper use of managed services, while individuals have the right to access information reserved for them, and correct or incorrect to remove it.

If you need your personal information, or reasonably believes the unauthorized personnel requirements, and applicable law requires notification for your SuccessFactors, according to the law allows, and in line with law enforcement agencies and / or investigation SuccessFactors reasonable demand, SuccessFactors will email, fax or US mail promptly advise you of the violation.

Data integrity
SuccessFactors will be used for the purpose of collecting personal information associated with and to take reasonable steps to ensure that employees use personal information is kept accurate and up to date. SuccessFactors will obtain prior consent of employees and the degree of compliance with the law on data processing purposes in accordance with the need to expand.

Access rights
according to employee requests, Articles Based will provide retention of personal information access, or when not properly correct or delete it.

Web site-specific Terms
The following Web sites provide specific terms of further information: In addition to the above principles, about how Articles Based collected only when you use the Web site or provide us with information about your access and use of personally identifiable information.

  • By using the Web site, you consent to the manner described in this privacy statement collection and use of personal information. Your personal information may be transferred to a site you visit Articles Based Web-related foreign (EU and Switzerland for the territory in terms of users, including outside the EU).
  • Our server software collects log files, general demographic information from all users of the Web site. For each access Articles Based Web site visitors, our Web server automatically recognizes the visitor domain name, browser type, OS type, reference field, enter the pages, exit pages, and stay on the Web site of the average time. This information is used only for internal purposes to help us improve our Web site and better understand the needs of visitors.
  • We currently contract with several online partners to help manage and optimize Internet traffic and communications. We use the company’s marketing services to help us collect and / or record Internet Protocol addresses, Internet domain name, Web browser and operating system used to access SuccessFactors Web sites, access files, each file and each consuming time and date of visit. We use the company’s Web marketing label instructions and Cookie. Cookie indicator is located on the computer through the browser on the hard disk is sent from the Web site. Thereafter, when you visit a Web site, a message by visiting the Web site browser sends back to the Web server. Your browser allows you to set the “Do Not Track” preference, which means that you do not wish to submit these messages to the access to the site. Our site does not pay attention to “Do Not Track” request, but you may be specified by changing the settings on the Web browser, choose not to accept Cookie. But do not use the Cookie may prevent you from using the Web site of the specific functions and features. Use and analyze the information collected from the use of Cookie, to improve our Web site. Through the Web site, we use Cookie personalized guest experience, to provide support to record visitor preferences, to provide personalized and specific content, record session information, track visitor clicks on behavior, and depending on your browser type, operating system, and site content preferences to customize. By collecting this information to supplement our records, we’ll find out what kind of page visitors of the most attractive customers which products are most interested in, and see what kind of products customers want. Although our marketing company on our behalf record information from the site, but we can control how to use the data, and does not use the data. If you do not want to help us learn how to improve the site, products, services and marketing strategy, you can opt out of this by disabling Cookie Web site analysis tools. If you disable Cookie, you may still use the Web site; however, you may not be able to access a specific area of it.
  • If you choose to receive a company or product information, you will need to fill out an online request form. Provide site visitors an online form to request free product downloads and demos to see SuccessFactors white papers, register for free SuccessFactors online seminars and the opportunity to register more than one service. These forms require your name, company name, email address, business address, phone numbers and other information to help us respond to the request and decide the product and / or service-related needs. All information provided by visitors are voluntary principles. We use this information to send updates about the company and products and to contact you if requested or necessary. We also use your research and provide related Web sites and report demographic information (such as a Web site usage patterns) in these tables for a more thorough understanding of Web site visitors’ needs. But we will not be associated with any personally identifiable information that you provide in these studies and reports information.
  • E-mail address
    we do not collect e-mail addresses in the involuntary site visitors to provide this information to our situation (usually through an online information request form, the white paper request forms and other Web sites forms and surveys). We regularly your e-mail for information services, sales, support and marketing purposes. We may occasionally share your email address with partner organizations and companies, and for service, sales, support and marketing purposes. If you do not wish to receive from our marketing partners or e-mail in the future, you can opt out of the above description.
  • Third-party websites
    for the convenience and information purposes, Articles Based Web site may provide links to third-party Web sites. If you use these links, you will leave Articles Based Web site.Articles Based does not control these third-party sites or privacy practices, which may differ from Articles Based. We do not agree with or on behalf of third-party Web sites. This privacy statement does not cover you choose to disclose to third parties not related to personal data.