Museum Pronunciation


A trip to Museum Pronunciation, while including visits to the popular tourist spots of Kuala Lumpur and Penang, must also be one where you explore the hidden gems of this Southeast Asian country. One such gem is Borneo’s most sophisticated that is a melting pot of cultures in itself. A mix of several different traditions and eras, the timeless charm of Kuching will mean that you can spend hours together ambling through it’s pretty alleys and roads. And when here, these three museums are a must visit:

museum pronunciation

Museum Pronunciation

Cat Museum: Yes, you read it right. This cat museum is one feline lover will make their second home. Learn more about how cats have been portrayed in stamps and films, and how they have been represented in Malay culture. Your cat-loving soul will be well rejuvenated.

Ethnology Museum: All that you need to know about Borneo’s rich cultural history lies within this two storied museum. The Iban longhouse, masks and spears, Kenyah and Kayan murals are housed upstairs while the floor below is a natural history museum.

Sarawak Textile Museum: This museum does complete justice to traditional Sarawakian textiles—from Malay gold brocade, known as a socket, ceremonial headdresses stitched in different patterns by the different groups of Iban, Penan, and others.

Traveling within Kuching is easily done by buses, as is common throughout Malaysia. Express buses plying to different cities are many in number, and you can book your ticket simply via online, I would like to suggest Redbus, for added convenience.


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