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Internet Marketing Course content is the decisive factor affecting network marketing effectiveness. Content network marketing program should include Internet Marketing Course content should include network marketing positioning, marketing website construction, network marketing, operations management and Internet marketing services. But training course design different arrangements for different network marketing training institutions to engage via network marketing organization is carried out not quite the same. For example, from the network marketing.

Marketing courses

marketing training institutions advocated by Internet marketing solutions to points, internet marketing courses content integrated marketing programs, but also subversive network marketing course content, as well as a systematic online marketing course content. From different target groups targeted network marketing, internet marketing course content for enterprise-level network marketing formations, but also for middle-level network marketing training courses, as well as for corporate grassroots network marketing training courses.
For the crowded
Different network marketing training institutions for different network marketing trainees, the design courses have different characteristics.
For corporate executives
A stressed the concept of network marketing;
B stressed that network marketing ideas;
C, emphasize online marketing strategy;
D, network marketing focus and emphasize key points;
E, network marketing inspection tools.
For corporate middle
A course content is the most comprehensive;
B, the content of actual combat will be more;
C stressed that network marketing management;
For Grassroots
A focuses on marketing certain aspects of the content of combat operations;
B, usually about some of the basics of the site;
C, usually about network marketing basics and some basic methods of operation, for example, SEO -based (of course, SEO focuses on workers will combat skills and methods of operation);
the course features edit
1. demand-oriented jobs – Applicability
(1) In business research, practitioner research, research-based industry experts.
(2) Product locked enterprises need network marketing professionals job duties, business skills, project experience.
(3) the 80/20 rule: 80% of companies focus on explaining 20% of the time in the use of technology.
2. Experts from Baidu, Taobao, and other famous enterprises joint development – authority
(1) Baidu: Baidu promotion, Baidu Union
(2) Google: the Google the AdWords, the Google the AdSense
(3) Taobao: Taobao shop promotion
3. The introduction of the industry’s senior professionals and project – professional
(1) from a network marketing company to introduce experienced personnel, full participation in product design and development.
(2) the introduction of professionalism from large popular websites talent, focus on mainstream sites design and marketing.
(3) from a professional network marketing company to introduce real-world projects, highlighting the typical industry marketing methods and techniques.
4. Under real Internet environment for teaching and training – authenticity
(1) students completed projects can be viewed and shared via the Internet.
(2) optimization and promotion of student results can be seen directly from the Baidu or Google.
Content (3) teaching and training from the current hotspots to raise their sensitivity to the network.
5. form the country’s first online training and scenario-based learning experience – ease of learning
(1) rich animation, sound, scene performance, fully interactive Flash multimedia courseware.
(2) Role Play Learning (RPL), play a virtual enterprise employees, along with businesses grow.
(3) three-dimensional online learning resources, provide a lot of cases, questions, FAQ and other learning resources.
(4) Q & An online and offline counseling combined with learning problems resolved immediately.
(5) popular Web content and interesting interactive design, arouse strong student interest in learning.
6. Use social platforms: learning, contacts double harvest – long-term
(1) to SNS community learning platform, with teachers, students, industry experts interact, meet with industry professionals.
(2) and business interaction, students learn to understand business dynamics, and tap the right talent; recruiting students access to enterprise requirements for good employment skills preparation and accumulation of personal connections.
(3) account for life, but also to enjoy after graduation experience sharing, information exchange network marketing community, the accumulation of contacts with the network marketing industry and common development.
Course Application edit
1, generalized network marketing
Broadly speaking, network marketing is the Internet as a primary means (including Intranet Intranet, EDI systems industry line network and Internet Internet) marketing activities undertaken.
2, narrow network marketing
Narrow network marketing refers to the organization or individuals based on open and convenient Internet access, products, services made a series of business activities, so as to meet the whole process of organization or individual needs.
3, integrated online marketing
CCP6.0 course accurate positioning, employment-oriented, content and business needs, the actual work is more consistent, increase student employment absolute advantage. ACCP6.0 courses to update their knowledge, more comprehensive, more close to the business status quo: 6.0 Course deletion of outdated technology, the latest increase in the actual business case maintenance management, and use of information technology, the quest for practical training in all training institutions on the market today content, extensive practical experience student enterprise management, improve acceptance of trainees.
ACCP6.0 on course content and teaching arrangements were a scientific and rational adjustment, easy for students to understand the most acceptable way so that students master the latest technology to maximize the current business needs.
4, subversive network marketing
2010 outbreak of “subversive network marketing” mode. Enterprises should jump out of the ordinary level to high-end business plan as a guide, beyond the conventional online marketing methods to create unique, innovative, creative, interesting, lasting subversive network marketing methods to achieve network marketing, such as Beida Jade Bird, Jingdong Mall, and other marketing model.
5, Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is the use of social networks, online communities, blog, Wikipedia or other Internet media site for marketing, sales, public relations and customer service, maintaining a way to open up. General social media marketing tools include forums, microblogging, blog, SNS, and Video, etc.
6, asymmetric network marketing
Asymmetric Competition is a new idea from the traditional enterprise, the 2010 outbreak in the era of network marketing; companies should position itself mainly through hardcover, amplification, unique, memory, the brand side, the differential advantage of Internet marketing methods, quitting network marketing win.
7, a wholesale network marketing
Also known as a commercial network promotion, due to network marketing in the domestic market has just started, the uneven service level of need for a discount, fast food network marketing to regulate the industry so that enterprises can choose.
5, SEO [1] 1, the introduction of precise target customers: through the main keywords, long tail keywords correctly match your target customer groups
2, to enhance the brand image: High Ranking = broad customer awareness; help improves your product in the eyes of customers brand image.

4, the effect of long-term stability: Compared PPC through SEO get search rankings more durable, lower cost of post-ranked maintained.
Since SEO is so important for the development of enterprises, so what to do to do SEO companies do? Hefei Beida Jade Bird co-workers campus SEO training center told us: from a site not on the line will begin to be an SEO [1] programs, such as industry, you have to do an individual place, then they would start the initial research, look at this business users use search engines and search engine usage; then choose a place procedures, planning and task allocation keyword pages, source and content quality content; after that the construction site outside the chain, the large number of diverse rational plan of the content and within the chain of filling.
Then the main aspects of the work in which the entire SEO marketing years? According to Beida Jade Bird Software Thai Hefei Institute of SEO [1] experience training center, there is no doubt keyword analysis. Each search behavior being recorded behind each worth consumer behavior interpretation. By finely enough keyword analysis, you can identify potential needs of consumers, consumer buying motives. First, there is a demand, to meet again. This is a great subversion before the “first production, post-marketing” business logic.
So, good SEO [1] is essential for the development of enterprises, network marketing is entering a talent shortage-oriented industries, Beida Jade Bird Software Thai Hefei Institute of SEO [1] Training Center to train a large number of outstanding talent network marketing practitioners responsibility.


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