Malaysia Places to Visit


Malaysia Places to Visit a new country for a holiday can raise a few questions in the planning process. How is the weather? Will acquire best be possible for a short break? Do they speak English? Below are a few tips to have safe travel in Malaysia and to be one step ahead than the rest.

Malaysia Places to Visit

Malaysia Places to Visit

Weather and Packing:
If you are from the European regionĀ or South East Asia, the weather can be a bit humid, so drinking a lot of water is suggested. Do pack sweat-wicking apparel as they are your best bet. Bring minimal toiletries as it is easily available from local shops and also supermarkets.

Airport and Local Transport:
Make sure always purchase a prepaid voucher from the taxi stand at the airport and avoid touts at all costs. Buses are the most economical and fastest modes of transport to choose when traveling within and to and from different cities. You can even take tickets online from REDBUS.

Communication and Connection:
English is widely spoken and food labels, sign on hawkers store, restaurant menus, etc. are all available in English. At the airport, Malaysia cellular providers – Maxis, Digi, Celcom, have set up shop. The network coverage is excellent including in some of the remote areas of Malaysia.


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