How To Know German Shepherd Puppies Breeds In 2017?

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German Shepherd puppies can get most of the nutrients they need from their mother’s milk before they are weaned. Before the puppy goes to the new home, it should have been completely detached and has started eating solid food.

German Shepherd Puppies

Then it will rely entirely on its new owner to provide a balanced diet to get all the nutrients needed.

To ensure puppy lively, healthy, in its growth and development period to provide balanced nutrition is crucial.

Puppies and adult dogs need the primary nutrients are the same, but because they are growing fast, they need more nutrients.

German Shepherd Puppies Growth

All puppies will grow very early in the first years. Usually, the majority of dogs in four or five months of age will reach half the weight of adult dogs. However, different breeds of dogs have different maturation rates.

For example, larger dogs have a longer growing period than dogs with small size, and small dogs have reached the adult dog’s weight at 8-9 months of age, Dogs in this age is still long. For example, a Newfoundland or Great Dane can grow to the size of an adult dog at 18 months of age.

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Large dogs or giant dogs is especially susceptible to eating – because these dogs grow quickly, their bones in the development process is vulnerable to diet. This stage, to maximize its rapid growth and excessive feeding, is unwise.

German Shepherd Puppies Food

As a result of the growing need to consume energy, compared to the same size of an adult dog, a puppy needs two to four times its energy.

They must consume more protein than adult dogs, including the minerals they need to grow the essential amino acids, as well as the bones and teeth they need. Therefore, puppies must eat a lot of food, but each feeding should not be a lot.

The preparation of German Shepherd Puppies best food, met with some criteria
High nutrition food to ensure that they eat enough to get sufficient nutrients
Easy to digest food to maximize the absorption of nutrients
Diet must be balanced to provide the appropriate nutrients to meet the specific needs of puppies, and the food is only sweet puppies will eat

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The preparation of a nutrient-balanced diet for the growth of puppies is complicated. Fortunately, puppy breeding is no longer as complicated as it sounds. A specially designed nutritious, balanced diet for puppies makes it easier to keep a healthy puppy, which allows the puppy to thrive.

For example, Po Road for puppies production of nutritious German shepherd dog food contains all the puppies need energy, vitamins, and minerals. For an ordinary healthy puppy, eating this food does not need to be supplemented with other foods – and eating supplements can be harmful.

If you want to supplement your puppies, you should consult a veterinarian to determine if this will not harm your dog.

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German Shepherd Puppies Care

When you adopt a puppy, ask your breeder about the feeding of the puppies and a recipe for it. This will give you a detailed picture of the type, quantity, and some foods your puppy uses. Do not change the puppy’s diet too quickly, because it will take some time for it to adapt to the new home, during which it is important to maintain its original diet.

As a result of leaving the mother, entered a strange new environment, puppies in the first to have indigestion, diarrhea and other symptoms. If diarrhea continues for more than 24 hours and is still worsening, then you should see a veterinarian.

If you want to change its diet, should wait for it to fully adapt, in the 3 – 4 days for the gradual replacement.

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The number of feeding and puppy age, variety, and individual characteristics, but all puppies four months before the day must be four meals a day. 4 – 6 months of age can be reduced to three meals a day, six months after the age can be fed twice a day. Watch dogs mature faster than large dogs, in its 8-year-old dog can be eaten as adult recipes – but large dogs at this age are still growing rapidly and still need to eat puppies recipes are very long a period.

German Shepherd Puppies Feeding Schedule

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But need to point out that the needs of each puppy are not the same, some need a little more, and some need less. Your feeding amount is appropriate for the puppy’s physical condition to see. Regularly measure the weight of your puppies and record them, you can check whether the growth rate of puppies and feeding to match. Then, you can make adjustments to avoid it is too fat or slim.

Typically, a puppy should eat for 10 – 15 minutes. The rest of the food should be thrown away after a meal. Puppies must have their meals, drinking water containers, and should be kept clean and separated from other household utensils.

You must also provide adequate, hygienic, fresh water to your puppies. If you notice that your puppies are always in a thirsty state, you should consult a veterinarian as this may indicate a puppy’s illness.


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