In today’s highly competitive hi-tech world, it is challenging to stay in constant touch with latest updates of innovative technologies. The Beacon technology is evolving in every facet of our life; from the way we cook food in kitchens to the way we conduct business.

Let’s discuss particularly about the beacon technology in this piece. It is a new advancement in the wireless technology that is already gaining a huge traction and implemented to greatly affect a wide-range of industries. The present piece will primarily focus on the advantages of employing beacons in the retail businesses only.

Beacon Technology
Beacons for Shopping Malls

Beacons are small and inexpensive BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices that helps provide more precise location based information compared to GPS, Wi-Fi and NFC. It differs from other location based technologies in the way that it is a one-way transmitter and requires users to download a specific beacon app for shopping malls to receive the transmissions. Basically, smaller amount of data is transmitted with this technology by using the BLE technology up to 50 meters.

The surveys have shown that customers who receive beacon-triggered messages while shopping visit the store more often than those who do not get.

Some of its promising advantages to the retail sector are:

  1. Active Marketing Tool

If you run a retail business, you can send promotional messages to shoppers based on their location proximity to a product or department in-store through beacons. The more specific or personalized a marketing message is to an individual, the more effective it is. Retailers can use beacons to send personalized deals, rewards and recommendations to customers based on proximity marketing to drive sales.

These tailored messages not only aids in increasing upsell, but also work as a medium to enrich the customers shopping experience. Beacons also troubleshoot the physical limits of brick and mortar stores by providing extra product and services, such as navigating the shoppers throughout the stores, thus, resulting in increasing the likeliness for more purchases.

  1. Improve Loyalty Programs

Beacons can help to enhance the value of loyalty programs. Through product insights and special offers only available to loyalty members, beacons will increase the success rate and stickiness of these programs. And with loyalty, comes shopper retention and even customer advocacy. The more beacons used to improve the experience of loyalty programs, the more likely the customer will stay loyal.

  1. Analytics

When it comes to evaluating the consumer behavior patterns, online stores have had a remarkable benefit over physical stores due to their ability to make use of web and mobile analytics. But fortunately, with beacons now, retailers can easily assess the behaviors of their customers within their brick and mortar stores.

This technology gives retailers a greater insight into customer purchases. Retailers can tell how much time a shopper spends in each part of the store. This valuable information can be used to improve the in-store experience and increase revenues.

  1. Excellent Customer Service

Imagine, as soon as shoppers walks in to the store, the sales staff will know their name, what items they browsed last time, product categories they shop the most, what their spending habits are and many more. Using this information, stores can suggest relevant offers and an excellent customer service.

  1. Cheap and Simple to Adopt

Beacon hardware is pretty affordable and setting it up is a pretty easy step. Once you have installed the transmitter, you are only left with the process of creating actions, tags, etc. So, even if you are not sure if this technology will be successful for your store, it is worthwhile to at least test it out.

  1. Increases App Engagement and Retention

With increased online shopping and consumer smart device usage, beacons act as a useful bridge between the digital retail and physical space. Due to the fact that beacons work via beacon app for retails, there is great potential for applications to increase their user engagement. By leveraging this technology, apps can establish themselves as a pivotal tool for customers.

The reality is that the beacons in retail have already proven to increase the sales and customer retention. So, the retailers and brands that have not employed beacons yet, should soon start their deployments. There is no denying their potent impact on purchases, customer experience, return on investments and customer retention. To put it simple, retailers who are still away from this technology could see themselves falling behind their competitors in the not so distant future.


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