Article Submission Guidelines

1. Word Restrictions: Your post should be at least 300 words long. It is true that I only accept good research and synthesis articles here in the Articles Based. So please do not submit a short post because I will not be able to post.

2. Guest post subject: Any post is acceptable. Adult content is not allowed.

3. Link Policy: Do not include more than three related links in your content posts.

4. Content Ownership: Your post will only be posted on It can not be republished or used in any form at any place. We do not publish DUPLICATE content. The first paragraph does not allow anchor text links.

5. Content-Language: Only English is allowed.

6. The content post should be written by you and hire the unique article writer, not copied or pasted from another source. Content must be 80% to 90% unique.

7. Every content passed by Copyscape then publish your article.

8. Also, make sure to use INFORMATIVE to write a topic about INTERESTING.

9. We have a notification system that will let you know when your articles are approved or disapproved.

10. If your article is moved to the trash, this is one of three common reasons: duplicate content, poor writing, or just an unwitting article.