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3 Malaysian drinks you must have on your next trip

The Malaysians know how to throw a good party and what is a party without some delicious, let’s-get-happy-high drinks? Whenever you visit Malaysia next, these three drinks must be on the top of your menu:

Coco’s Nutz: A heady mix of rum, fresh coconut juice, coconut cream and condensed milk—think deserted island, swaying palm trees and you sitting in a hammock sipping this heavenly drink. Creamy and oh-so-indulgent, the rich coconutty flavor will transport you straight to the beaches.

3 Malaysian drinks you must have on your next trip

Pool Disinfectant: Before you turn your nose the other way, here’s how this disinfectant is created: a little bit of sambuca, rum, vodka, gin, tequila, blue curacao and fresh apple juice. Phew! And that’s how you become the life of the party.

Vodka Expresso: Got your mind thinking already, right? Coffee lovers will drool over this one entirely, what with the clean layers of this drink arranged neatly in a martini glass, garnished with a single coffee bean. Yum!

The Pool in Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia is one of the best places to try all these drinks out. Travel safely and conveniently by an express bus that will let you enjoy your night to the fullest without worrying about how to get home. You can even book these bus tickets online from the red bus for added convenience.


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